New in the region of Leuven, professional ONE Photostudio for rent. Everyone with a camera and a passion for photography, professionals as well as amateurs are welcome. 

The ONE Photostudio is suitable for model - fashion - advertising - product - corporate - portret. The ONE Photostudio is 100m2 large and is equipped with a white infini wall and other backgrounds, several pro flash heads (min600 - max 800 watt) and a large range of modifiers.


Do you have a concept in mind but no photographer...ONE Photostudio has a great team of photographers , make up artists and Style consultents at your service, don't hesitate to contact us. We can make your vision visual for the world.

ONE photostudio is not only a rental photo studio, we organize  courses in model photography and we want to create a ONE PLUS platform for photo studio minded photographers with a monthly fee of 58 euro, including 3 hours of studio time (normal cost 75 euro on year base you safe around 200 euro"s) and once in a month we have a gethering to discuss photo studio issues and techniques...

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